Clifton Housing Project Birmingham

Clifton Housing Project Birmingham is an establishment that houses and provides support to vulnerable and disadvantaged adults from a variety of backgrounds, including homelessness, drug abuse, domestic violence and mental health issues. Our mission is to help them with their recovery and enable them to return to a stable life within the community and to obtain permanent and affordable housing.

We provide services to adults aged 18 and over who are currently living in Birmingham and the surrounding districts of Solihull and Sandwell, who have been referred to us through various organisations.

Volunteers are vital in the support of our project, if you are interested in volunteering  please get in touch with us.

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About us

Supportive housing is aimed at people suffering from complex mental health and drug addictions which makes it difficult for them to handle in an unstable setting such as homelessness. Tenants have access to a wide range of services to enable them to integrate back into the community. By providing a roof over their heads Clifton Housing gives the individual an opportunity to deal with the complex health and life issues they face.

Our Housing Project in Birmingham

Clifton Housing Project has gone from strength to strength and has been growing steadily over the last few years, providing much needed accommodation to vulnerable adults experiencing challenging behaviours and mental illnesses, to gain recovery back to independence.

Clifton Housing Project provides a high level of support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are totally devoted to the needs of our service users and highly motivate each individual to improve their level of stability.

Our project aims to grow and deepen the services provided by working in collaboration with other agencies and local authorities in improving the rights to services for our residents. We are committed to ensuring that each individual of the community of Birmingham, Solihull and Sandwell can access and make full use of our services.


Homes we Manage
Residents Placed This Year
Vulnerable Adults Helped Last Year

Our People

Many individuals experience anxiety as a result of being separated from their friends, families and society as a whole. Our aim is to help resolve such issues by providing a homelike setting and to enable each resident to gain the confidence to integrate back into the community.

Our most valuable asset is the commitment and enthusiasm of our staff. They provide an outstanding level of service and maintain high standards at all times.

Our staff listen to each individual’s needs and provide them with as much on-going support and encouragement to enable them to live fully independent and stable lives and resolve crisis situations. They will liaise with external agencies and assist with seeking permanent accommodation, making benefit claims, access services including GP, drug and alcohol counseling, mental health services etc, they ensure residents are aware of all services available to them. Our staff have a real passion for working in an environment supporting vulnerable adults with complex needs.


Our Homes

Our homes provide residents with adequate living space in which to socialise and for daily essential needs such as cooking, eating, sleeping, laundry facilities or simply just relaxing. They are assisted with transport to medical appointments, financial planning and simple day to day tasks which they may find difficult. All of our properties have CCTV installed providing added safety and reassurance to residents.

We work with a number of agencies within the community also the private sector and local authority to provide the best services possible. Our homes are located within neighbourhoods providing safety and security and a wide range of amenities.

Clifton Housing Project Birmingham Sites

Clifton Housing Project currently manages a number of homes within the Greater Birmingham area. Each of our homes are thoughtfully located and highly equipped to serve the needs of our residents, and to best provide focused support towards independent living.

The following highlight the typical facilities and features that may be found in our homes.


Located in residential areas

Close location to bus and rail routes

Close to local amenities

Close location to parks and leisure facilities

Fully furnished

Laundry facilities

Multiple bathrooms with showers

Fully equipped kitchens

Large communal lounge

Communal dining area

Private rear garden with seating area

Clifton Housing Project has over the years demonstrated its ability to assist its service users to transition into permanent housing and to enable them to become independent. We look forward to the same success for years to come.

What people are saying about us

Clifton Housing Project provided one of my cases ****** a second chance upon release from prison.

Although ****** is a complex case, they have been great at communicating with Birmingham and Stoke Probation through the whole process via email or phone call.

Download and read the full review.

Review on Clifton Housing Project

“Thanks to everyone at Clifton for helping me get back on my feet and living independently.”

Anthony Former Resident

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